David Begg, The Real Co
David Begg
The Real Co

David founded The Real Co. in 2016 with a mission to create non-alcoholic beverages that were every bit as good as their alcoholic cousins. After 2 years of development work, REAL launched a series of non-alcoholic sparklings that quickly built a passionate following amongst the leading sommeliers in the UK and around Europe. REAL has now become one of leading proponents of the exploding no&lo sector, selling through many of the leading restaurant, bar and hotel chains as well as across premium multiple retail.

Following his success in the no&lo sector, David expanded his focus to include the broader non-alcoholic drinks category, working with a range of partners in the development of fermented drinks that compete with products that would be traditionally recognised as soft drinks.

A manufacturing engineer by training David spent his first 10 years in strategy consulting, primarily with Bain & Co. Since then, he has been part of the founding team of disruptive start-ups Active Hotels (became booking.com), Tom Dixon, Mindshapes and Clippings.com. But his passion for food, growing, sustainable health and regenerative food systems was the origin of The Real Co