Robin Longden, Rollagranola
Robin Longden

A life that is about making change happen & having a great family. Supportive partner who keeps me stable. 3 kids, 2 grandkids and a career spanning 45 years in industry.

20 years managing change in the food industry followed by reusing this experience to lead change programs in multiple industries from Aviation, digital media, jewellery, civil engineering & port and border security, finally 4 years working to integrate businesses following M&A activity.

My focus was always to achieve the change brief in the most engaging, effective and honest manner. Accelerate change by respecting deep industry knowledge and bring new ideas to create sustainable change that is best of both.

2014- founder and CEO of Rollagranola- changing the world one bowl of cereal at a time: Our foundations are to listen to consumers, apply R&D, build a concept that can deliver the result and take it to market to create Rollagranola; a premium healthy brand.