Giovanni Nicita, Deliveroo
Giovanni Nicita
Head of Operations - Deliveroo Hop

Giovanni has worked in the Large-Scale Retail Trade for the last 10 years and today he is the Head of Operations di Deliveroo Hop Italy, the quick commerce branch of Deliveroo. The leitmotif of the work path is customer satisfaction, through the drivers that can influence his behaviours.

Since the launch of the first dark store in Italy, he focused on store process in a new market to be able to satisfy a new and growing demand. The previous role of Area Manager at Lidl allowed him to know different contexts around Italy, working on standards, on process efficiency and cost saving. Passionate about travel, food and nature developed in particular after graduating with a thesis in Multifunctional Agriculture and a period of 10 months lived in New Zealand, he started a company of natural wines in Sicily, his own region.